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“I think we desperately need finance to be humanized. That’s part of the problem today: People perceive it as a complex topic that is not accessible.”  - Mihir Desai

The first follower is an underestimated form of leadership in itself. We believe the first follower transforms a lone trailblazer into a leader and an idea to a success story. 

Our purpose is to drive capital to conscious capitalism to create a positive impact in this world. We do that by being a first follower of conscious & diverse founders, fund managers, and initiatives. 

Until now, impact investing and investing for-profits have been very segmented. We want to bridge it by bringing the focus back to the basics, i.e., capitalism can consciously solve the world's problem if we back right people and initiatives.

Sagar Tandon


Sagar has 7+ years of experience as an entrepreneur, operator, venture capitalist, and gender-lens investor. He has led investments in 17 early-stage startups in India and Indonesia.


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